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执着 | 精益 | 实现


基 本 信 息

  • 姓名:朱子卓
  • 性别:男
  • 出生日期:1969年10月08日
  • 居 住 地:黑龙江省
  • 工作年限:十年以上
  • 户口:黑龙江
  • 目前年薪:4万以下人民币
  • 地址:齐齐哈尔南局宅民主5楼701
  • 邮编:161002
  • 电子邮件:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • 家庭电话: 0860452-8077768
  • 移动电话:086-15845661821
  • 公司电话: +1(224)5729692
  • 个人主页

自 我 评 价

本人自学能力极强,勤奋好学,执意创新。学科知识基础好,对信息技术孜孜以求。熟悉3DSMAX、MAYA、AE、combustion,DF, shake.熟练掌握flash,moho,authorware,php,mysql等。为公司多个部门制作晚会和竞赛用多媒体,好评如潮。今后准备加强actionscript 和php 网站应用开发技术,为互联网更美、更快、更方便而努力。


  1. 1991/09--1999/10:齐齐哈尔车辆厂
    • 所属行业: 机械/设备/重工
    • 电视台 编辑/作家/撰稿人
    • 在该企业电视台专题部工作,自己撰稿,自己拍摄,自己剪辑,熟悉了电视台全部流程及各流程专业技巧。
  2. 2002/11--至今:试作齐车公司网站
    • 软件环境: PHP mysql dreamweaver
    • 项目描述: 为企业网站作为企业信息吞吐的港口,为企业网站作为企业开展经营和服务的平台,而改变过去的静态发布的手段,引入发布维护自动化的手段,做到亲和用户,服务齐全,安全可靠。
    • 责任描述: 使用可靠的服务器端脚本技术。为企业将来的信息资源的开采挖掘作准备。
  3. 2001/10--2002/10:齐车有线电视台节目片头及频道包装
  • 软件环境: 3dsmax AE
  • 项目描述: 为体现该台为上级企业服务,传播企业文化,沟通企业信息,需要在节目所展示的形象上传达这一宗旨。
  • 责任描述: 需从创意,美工等诸方面着手,从该台全局考虑,从各个侧面展示企业文化,和该台的服务。

求 职 意 向

工作性质: 全/兼职
希望行业: 计算机软件,专业服务(咨询,人力资源),广告,文字媒体/出版,教育/培训
目标地点: 上海市,广东省,浙江省,湖北省,江苏省
期望工资: 3000-4499 /月
目标职能: 培训生,网站营运经理/主管,网页设计/制作/美工,艺术/设计总监,多媒体设计

教 育 / 培训

1987/09--1991/07 南开大学 哲学(含伦理学) 本科
2002/10--2002/11 中国电视艺术家协会 3DSMAX及影视后期培训班 3DSMAX结业证
有北京广播电影学院教师、3DSMAX授权教师姜浩讲授。学习3DSMAX建模动画及after effect & combustion 2 的进阶。
1993/10--1993/11 中央电视台 3DS动画培训 结业证

附 加 信 息





工 作 经 验

所属行业: 机械/设备/重工
新闻中心 网页设计/制作/美工

语 言 能 力

英语: 精通

技 能

技能名称 熟练程度 使用时间
Flash 精通 35月
Web Servers 熟练 25月
Dreamweaver 精通 32月
SQL 熟练 21月
Illustrator 熟练 27月
Multimedia 熟练 47月
PHP 熟练 24月
Web Master/Developer 熟练 11月

Persistence | Better | Realization


Basic Information

  • Gender: MALE
  • Date of Birth: 1969/10/08
  • Residence: Hlj Prov., China
  • Work Experience: >10 years
  • Current Salary: 0-40,000 RMB
  • Address: Nanjuzhai minzhu 5, Qiqihar,Hlj,China
  • Zip Code: 161002
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Mobile: 086-15845661821
  • Home Tel: 086-0452-8077768
  • Work Tel: +1(224)5729692
  • Website:

Self Assessment

adaptive to learn, insatiable for mastering, always being engaged with new ideas and motivations,flowingly inspired by great artworks made by team works.

Work Experience

  1. 2003/01--Present:qiqihar railway rolling stock co,Ltd.
    • Industry: Machinery, Equipment, Heavy Industries
    • media center Web Designer/Production/Creative
    • Build a trial dynamic website for the company to replace the current static pages based quite some multimedia for some departments' gatherings on demand and earn lots of praises.
  2. 1992/11--2002/12:Qiqihar railway rolling stock co,Ltd
    • Industry: Machinery, Equipment, Heavy Industries
    • news center Photographer
    • In charge of headings and channel package.I did variable relevant jobs of the cable tv station and gain a full insight on media office.
  3. 1991/09--1992/10:qiqihar railway rolling stock co,Ltd
    • Industry: Machinery, Equipment, Heavy Industries
    • cable TV station Journalist / Reporter
    • Worked in the dep. Documentary.Finished scripting,shootting,editing and all stuff by myself,gained a well around knowledge of the process of a tv station.

Career Objective

  • Type of Employment: Both Full-time And Part-time
  • Desired Industry: Computers, Software , Professional Services (Consulting, Human Resources, etc), Advertising , Print Media/Publishing , Education/Training
  • Desired Salary: 3,000-4,499 /Month
  • Desired Position: Trainee, Web Operations Manager/Supervisor, Web Designer/Production/Creative, Artistic/Design Director, Multimedia Design


1987/09--1991/07 Nankai university Philosophy Ethnics Included Bachelor
Was taught maxism,chinese philosophy,western philosophy,western modern philosophy.Learned to analyse phenomena to grasp the essence of things.In spare time I read a lot of modern classics and art history books ,haunted art museums and galleries.


  • 2002/10--2002/11 China TV Artists Association 3DSMAX & post effect process seminar Breakup certificate
    • the seminar was hosted by autodesk authorized teacher,Chenhao,teaching 3dsmax modeling and animation,as well as video composing with AE & combustion.
  • 1993/10--1993/11 3ds course Breakup Certificate
    • Was tutured 3ds modeling and animation.


My works:

view headings online
view headings online
download and install to view my multimedia work

Project Experience

  1. 2002/11--Present:to prepare for the company's website renewal
    • Software Environment: dreamweaver,php,
    • Development Tools: php
    • Project Description: The company I worked for now has a static website consisted of web pages.I try to build a database-drived dynamic one.With php and mysql ,
    • Responsibility: in full responsibility.thoroughly self-made.
  2. 2001/10--2002/10:renew or start from scratch to package the channel.
    • Development Tools: after effect,combustion,digital fusion,shake,3dsmax,maya,illusion,flash,etc.
    • Project Description: Package the channel used to broadcast company news and documentaries.Design its idea,image,headings,and some key promotion documentaries.
    • Responsibility: in full responsibilities.

Language Skills



Skill Name Skill Level Experience
Flash Expert 35Month
Web Servers Expert 25Month
Dreamweaver Expert 32Month
SQL Skilled 21Month
Illustrator Expert 27Month
Multimedia Expert 47Month
PHP Skilled 24Month
Web Master/Developer Skilled 11Month

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