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I, his proud dad, noticed previously he fond of watch, even cheap e-watch his mom bought him. I envisaged that he has expectation as successful man in American movies or any TV scenes, with a valued watch. I think he wants a watch as leaving teenage, being elegant and wealthy. Then I moved by the growing kid’s dream. I searched at once online store for android smart watch. Pebble is OK but version 2 needs near ¥1000 while version 1 was transit product for me. Then I found Sony SW2 on lists within my financial radar, around ¥500. I long time admire Japanese product and tried to ask son’s mom buying me a Toshiba chromebook in her tour Taiwan last summer but failed. This time it wouldn't fake me.

Within ten minutes I decided and left my dorm to raise money. My kid brother just visited me for my credit crisis weeks ago and left me a debit card capable ¥1000/mon. I think I can spare the price of the SW2 from mouth saving. Soon I got loan from one of my acquaintance in Qiqihar in my 2 decades here as migrant, with it I trusted the QRRS Dorms canteen operator woman ordered it instead of me. that’s on a Saturday afternoon. In the coming week, since Tuesday when my parcel due to arrive, I felt vulnerable in trusting the canteen couples who can be hostile toward my Royal. I hated profaning and cheating while they are common Chinese untrustworthy and weak in faith and self esteem. Time and time in restless I pray God saves my purchase. And on Jul 27, 2016 lunch time, I saw my goods unpacked by the couple. The outer glass alike plastic box wrecked a corner but the watch likely intact, the seal tape seemingly the original, too. With it I rushed to hand over to my son at noon. He was asked to read carefully the instruction online available on the vendor shop but he doesn’t know how to start the procedure booting it annoyed me. I almost yell him.

He let alone to connect the watch with charger but unfortunately after a hour the mistake found, by shifting dead sleeping watch to notebook’s usb port. I remade connection and charged. When my son started connecting the SW2 with his nexus mobile, internet via vpn desperately broken likely under PRC’s surveillance. So I told my son I was leaving lest the dog system messes more harshly. When I left the internet resumed and sound. Returned to dorm I barney in need message of ongoing setup but my son didn’t inform me 2 days. Friday afternoon I buzzed him and he argued enthusiastically in air about his work to install his SW2. I got known some apps, facebook, twitter, etc. needs login while he thought he was not with those confidential information. I felt I might help so I visited him. But he was not at home, likely his mom brought him haunting municipal library, with his smart watch. I logon fb and gmail on his mobile, just a hit of button except twitter needs password input to authenticate access privilege. That more or less mingled my promise that the SW2 totally his property and depository, and my son refrains his elation with the charming gear. After a busy weekends we gamed together, completed “Bioshock: infinite” and broke through “L.A Noire”, I felt my son less upset by my intervene. And I promised greater gift Heavenly for him.
Now with empty hand and a carrying father’s love, I hope my son enjoy his new gadget and makes the gift from Asoh Yukiko even. Under the dome of Christian, under holy spirits brings about, let the Sony SW2 lifts our life more heartedly.

WOZ with his new gear, a Sony SmartWatch SW2, upon his dad's publish request in snapshot.

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20 October 2021

a determined mind. 盲言之芒岩 眸子的星芒浮于薄霭 厌倦的兽眼阴雨里低低沉吼 under God's shine after i broke heart for a girl collegian, devoted to reclaim my vested kingdom of China from my ancestor with glory. 你在清贫中呆的太久了 你分不清月色的石子和清癯的星
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